You can purchase either a new or second hand mobile home on site as they are available. The purchase should always be made directly from Burrow Holiday Park and never from a private individual.

Pre owned units are available for purchase when an existing client wishes to sell their unit on site and it is less than 12 years old. New units are available for purchase on site when a site becomes vacant.

Prices for new mobile homes set up on site and connected to all services start circa 40k. The price of new mobile homes is dictated by the make, model and spec. This year our new units range in price from 45k to 62k. All new units are priced according to their spec and are supplied only by the approved agent in Ireland through Burrow Holiday Park.

The cost of a second hand mobile homes depends on it’s age, it’s spec, it’s condition and of course the market. The cost of a unit reflects not only it’s market value but also a premium for being set up in a fully serviced Park.

The furniture is always included and in some circumstances people may leave items such as kettles, microwaves, delf, cutlery, etc. It is normal that site ancilliaries such as decking, sheds, etc are also included. It will be made clear prior to sale agreed what is included. The annual license fee of €3,300 is always in addition to the purchase price of the unit

When purchasing a mobile home sited on the Park, it is the mobile home that is being purchased – not the site. The site is provided to the purchaser of the unit through the eight month licence agreement and is at all times the property of Burrow Holiday Park.

We operate a 15 year upgrading policy.  This means that when the mobile home is 15 years old it must be replaced.

Once your mobile home is under 12 years old at the time of sale, it can be sold on site – subject to a buyer. If you wish to sell your mobile homes on site, you can only do so through the Park. You can however at any time, take your mobile home off site and sell it privately if you so wish.

No, you cannot rent out your mobile home under any circumstances. Extended family and friends can use your unit with your permission, once it has been reported to the Park and details of your visitors have been submitted to our office. The owner is at all times responsible for the behaviour of any guests.

No, we do not charge an entrance fee, which is also sometimes known as a ‘gate fee’. You purchase your mobile home at an agreed price and that becomes your property. Your annual site license fee is in addition to the cost of purchasing your mobile home.

The upfront costs are the mobile home itself, the license fee for the current year (€3,300) and the cost of insuring the mobile home.

License Fee – Annual

Mobile Home insurance – Annual

Electricity – Each unit is metered individually and you are billed based on your own usage at the end of each season

Gas – The heating and the cooking in your unit operates on bottled gas. This is purchased from reception as is needed

Should you have any further queries in relation to purchasing a mobile home on site you can email us at info@burrowpark.com.  We would love to hear from you.