Model Year Bedrooms Site No. Price Condition Status
Swift Loire 2021 3 Upgrade € 51,250 New Sold
Pemberton Rivington 2021 3 Upgrade € 81,950 New Sold
Atlas Chorus 2021 3 216 € 51,950 New Sold
Atlas Chorus 2021 3 Upgrade € 51,950 New Sold
Swift Margaux 2021 3 Upgrade € 57,950 New Sold
Willerby Rio Gold 2021 3 154 € 49,975 New Sold
Victory Stonewood 2021 3 4 € 53475 New Sold
Victory Stonewood 2021 3 Upgrade € 53475 New Sold
Pemberton Marlow 2021 3 85 € 64975 New Sold


Model Year Bedrooms Site No. Price Condition Status
ABI Blenheim 2016 3 Upgrade € 39,600 Pre-Owned Sold
Swift Loire 2016 3 Upgrade € 36000 Pre-Owned Sold
ABI Sunningdale 2014 3 Upgrade € 34000 Pre-Owned Sold
BK Caprice 2017 3 Upgrade € 39000 Pre-Owned Sold


We currently have an extensive waiting list for the purchase of mobile homes on site.

Our waiting list for the 2023 season is full but please do contact Carrie, our Client Relationships Manager, on to register your interest in becoming a future owner.

The more information you can provide us with, the easier it will be for us to help you secure a place within our holiday community!

Everybody’s needs are different, so if something becomes available it may suit you better than somebody else & our waiting-list is regularly reviewed for that reason.

All our New Mobile Homes are high specification units and come with double glazing and central heating as standard. They are presented with photos, 360 videos and descriptions directly from the manufacturer.

Our pre-owned homes are brought to you with a selection of photographs, a full description of the unit regarding its layout and condition, its size and number of bedrooms, along with details of its precise location on the Park and any site ancillaries such as decking or storage shed that may be included in the sale.